The Four Principles


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4 insights that will cause a revolutionary change in your perspective.

Chapter One

The famous dictum, “In the beginning was the Word,” lays emphasis on the primacy of words.

Words are powerful. Without an understanding of “word” we cannot succeed in life. Word is a primary medium of life.

We must learn the use of words. We must learn the purposing of words. Words create impressions. A wise man knows to control words.This art is well known to those in commerce. They call it advertising. Advertising is no more than the purposing of words. Words paint pictures.

We must watch what we say about ourselves, and others. Reputations are primarily built on words. They are destroyed by words too.

We cannot be reckless with words. A reckless man lacks understanding – of the bonds of life. Without discretion, we break the circle of trust.

Discretion is a virtue. Learn when to speak and when not to speak. There is a time for everything under the heavens.

There is a difference between speaking and talking. Verbosity is often devoid of wisdom. The man who speaks little is considered wise. Speak, don’t talk.

Words have creative power. The Creator is described as The Word. Words build, words destroy. Never speak words of discouragement into your circumstances, or into the lives of your children. Never confess negative. Each time you do, you create a future. Words are containers. They contain blessings and curves.

Learn to listen to words. A listening ear is a learning ear. Learn by listening to words.




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The Four PrinciplesThe Four Principles

Availability: 7 in stock