The Four Masteries


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A small book of great wisdom. It is a 4-day book, containing 4 life principles.


Faith is an irrational belief in the impossible. The impossible becomes possible with faith. Faith is a belief in the unseen. It is a quality of vision. No man has yet attained greatness without faith. 

You must master faith. Classically, faith is defined as the evidence of things not seen, the substance of things hoped for. Thus the core of hope is faith. You cannot really be hopeful without faith and the evidence that you will attain your future is your belief in that future. Believe in your future. If you truly believe, you will act according to your belief. You will act as if the future were already present. Faith galvanizes action. 

Life is a series of closed doors. This is why we sometimes have a sense of frustration and helplessness, and for some, hopelessness. The doors open when a man of determination and conviction leans against them. These doors lead into the future but can only open one after the other. In other words, life is full of opportunities. They open up to you as you prove yourself one assignment after the other. Without your best efforts in the present there can be no grand tomorrow. The man who despises little things despises great things. The more we strain against the doors of life, the more Life is convinced that we’re ready for what comes next. Dedicated pursuit is a quality of achievement. You must put in all you’ve got. 

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