The Seven Resolutions


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These 7 resolutions will alter the course of your life for good.

Resolution 1
Information is the most valuable commodity on the face of the earth. It is codified as “word’’. If you want to succeed, learn to listen. No relationship will succeed if the parties don’t listen to each other. And most times we talk at each other and don’t talk to each other. Some people talk down to others. That is pride.

If you want to be a leader you must learn to listen. Who knows what you’ll learn! If you don’t listen to others you are limited to your own wisdom. And you will make mistakes.

When you listen to people, you make them feel valuable. Then they will want to give you more information because you value their point of view.
Even when you already know what the other person is going to say, let it be said. A wise man gets collaboration by listening.

Business application
It is important in business to listen. You must listen to your staff, you must listen to your customers, you must listen to facts, you must listen to words of wisdom. Brilliant ideas sometimes come from the most unexpected sources. It doesn’t matter who says it as long as it is wise. Listen!

Listening to your heart is particularly useful in business. Don’t ignore the intelligence of your heart. When you have a strong gut feeling that’s your heart talking to you. Most times it’s counter-intuitive. Listen.


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The Seven ResolutionsThe Seven Resolutions