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A Do-It-Yourself business development Kit for entrepreneurs and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

i. discover themselves

ii. conceptualise business ideas

iii. profile their market

iv. develop marketing plans

v. organise your finances

vi. develop a business plan

vii. brand their companies

viii. define their business vision & mission

ix. develop staff profiles

x.  profile competitors

xi. increase brand value, etc

Why the Bizkit®?

Leke Alder has over the past 17 years consulted for many of the leading companies in Nigeria (both small and large). He observed that SMEs do not have access to consulting expertise that bigger corporations are exposed to due to high cost. As such, there is a critical knowledge gap. (An average bank has access to at least 5 sets of consultants: management, branding, HR, IT and marketing).

He therefore asked a vital question – “How can this gap be reduced? He decided to democratise his knowledge and expertise by developing an affordable product, built on practical principles. The product is aptly called the BizKit®.


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