Minding your Business with Leke Alder – Radio Business Lectures (Disc A+Disc B)

A compilation of the lectures from Season 1 of Leke Alder’s popular business radio programme ‘Minding your Business with Leke Alder’ – the programme for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs.

Features of the audio lecture:

  • 13 lectures
  • Bundle A + Bundle B
  • Theme song – I will be me (written and performed by Modele)

Have you been struggling to take your business to the next level? Have you been wondering how to make your business ideas viable? Do you want to know how to define your business vision, mission & values? Is fear paralyzing your business venture? This album is exactly what you need.


Track Title

I Will Be Me (Theme Song) 3:37
2. So, You’ve Been Sacked! 10:26
3. Hello Sir, I Have A Business Idea! 13:50
4. This Vision Thing 9:21
5. Business Mission 9:41
6. Business Values 9:58
7. You Cannot Afford To Remain A One-Man Business! 9:15
8. Business Documentation 11:35
9. Will Be Me (Theme Song) 3:37
10. Dressing For Business Success 13:03
11. Writing A Business Proposal 11:11
12. Fear Factor 1: Overview 9:31
13. Fear Factor 2: Fear of Venture 10:51
14. Fear Factor 3: Fear of Failure 12:56
15. Fear Factor 4: Fear of Success 13:25